Implemented By : Dikrong Valley Environment and Rural Development Society, (DVERDS)

Programme Details:-National Creche Programme is sponsored by the Assam State Social Welfare Board, Guwahati to provide service to the Children below 6 years and the working mothers. These are the on-going programmes and have been continuing since 2005-06.

Total No. of Centers:    4 Nos., Total No. of workers: 8 Nos.,

Total No. of Beneficiaries: 120 Nos.,

Detail Location:            1. Barpathar; 2. Jarabari; 3. Bilotia; 4. Chengelijan;

Community served:- Day care facilities including sleeping facilities Early stimulation for children below 3years and pre -school education for 3 to 6 years old children provide health check-up and immunization.

Objective:-To provide day care facilities for children(6 month to 6 years) of working mother in the community .To provide nutrition and health status of children. To Promote physical, cognitive, Social and emotional development of children. To educate and empower parent’s /care gives for better childcare.

Strategies:-To developed a valuable curriculum and routine, to keep accurate and complete records. Well planned schedule for nutrition’s snacks that children will want to eat .makes sure that all toys and equipment are in good repair.

Main outcomes:- The Child development, to the Biological, Psychological and emotional changes occurs in human being between birth and the end of the adolescence. It is a continuous progress of the child.

Evaluation methods employed:- Regular and strict monitoring may be conducted at different level to ensure effective running of the scheme and also  to ensure the beneficiaries are delivered service as envisaged in the scheme, monitoring of the scheme by local level monitoring . Monitoring by the implementing agencies/Mother NGO’s. District level monitoring by district monitoring committee to be headed by the district magistrate and assisted by District child Protection Unit set up under the integrated child Protection scheme, Mobile   /web based monitoring.

Evaluation results:-To assess and ensure success of the scheme evaluation of the scheme will be done by an independent, impartial and reputed agency. Particularly to assess the impact of the scheme on the intended beneficiaries, possible change, modification and improvement in the delivery of the services to the beneficiaries as also to identity the gaps in the implementation of the scheme to suggest remedies.