Dikrong Valley Environmental & Rural Development (D-VERDS) was constituted in 2000 as Non-Govt. Voluntary Organization with its motive of socio-economic up gradation of rural and urban poor and the community, is located at about 6 Km away from Narayanpur township i.e. Barpathar, Lakhimpur, Assam. Since its inception, D-VERDS with special emphasis on Environment, Health & hygiene, Community Mobilization, Protection, Rescue, Rehabilitation of children living in difficult circumstances, Assistance to Disabled persons, Handloom and Handicraft Development through rural artisans, Science & Technology Development, Self-employment, Training, Consultancy, Agriculture and Livestock management, Leadership Development for Minority Women, Prevention of Trafficking and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of women from commercial sexual exploitation etc., Apart from these, D-VERDS concentrating its efforts on community development by promoting SHGs and Skill development. The Skill is one of the principal factors for self employment and to eradicate poverty from the employable youth as well from the society.


            To create a society without insecurity, injustice, mal-adjustment of resources, discrimination, and untouched ability of any kind to upgrade the present living condition of the common people of Assam by providing Social Intervention, Technological Intervention, Cultural Intervention etc., to protect the Environment from various natural calamities and to bring the Ecological balance and save the World-wide nature.


            Enabling the poorest of poor and disadvantaged people and any person related with the Environment & Nature for qualitative changes in their lives through the self-empowerment process.


            An Endeavour for protection of Environment and Ecological Balance of the nature of the World and to address overall development issues through people to people partnership in development. By organizing the scientific atmosphere among the rural people and creating the employment generation for unemployed educated youth and creating the work-cultured activities for rural Artisans are the main goals of our organization.

            To provide Scientific and Technical knowledge to the common people for up-gradation socio-economic status of the society through various training, workshops etc in a common platform.