Baseline survey and Mobilization of Handicraft artisans under AHVY Programme

Implemented By : Dikrong Valley Environment and Rural Development Society, (DVERDS)

Programme Details:- Baseline survey and mobilization of handicraft artisan is a programme sponsored by the Development Commissioner Handicraft tocollect primary and secondary data on various factors of the existing handicrafts and artisans using questionnaire and interpersonal talks by conducting door to door survey, collect detail information on the existing crafts being practiced by the Artisans in the cluster viz. Artistic Textiles and Embroidery, identify the genuine and practicing artisans for incorporation in the AHVY project, mobilize the craft persons into SHGs and inculcate the habit of thrift & credit among them, enhance the capacity of the SHGs to run the community business enterprise and credit linkage, understand the reality of the problems and envisage appropriate remedial interventions of Artisans.


After sanction of “Base Line Survey & Mobilization for formation of SHGs in Artistic Textiles and Embroidery Crafts at Pichala Craft Cluster under Narayanpur Dev. Block, Dist.- Lakhimpur, Assam under AHVY”, M/s Dikrong Valley Environment & Rural Development Society made all the arrangements for conducting the Base Line Survey in the target area for empowerment of General Caste Artisans.      

AHVY Programme DVERDS     

The implementing agency used proforma for household survey. It formed a core team for the survey. We have appointed one Cluster Manager, one Consultant, one Accountant and one Data entry operator. Besides, we have also engaged 3 enumerators, 2 Volunteers from our organization in the team. Orientation training was organized for the core team members and they were highly trained up for performing the survey activities sincerely and successfully. Door to door survey was done in 1139 households (approx.) and collected primary and secondary data from them by the core team. The data like- family members, nos. of male/female, status of education in the family, caste, craft practicing member in the family, income source and total income of the household, skill level, technical knowhow, problem areas, willingness regarding group formation etc. were collected from the households.

The survey was performed village wise and it covered 15 villages of the cluster area under Narayanpur Dev. Block and all the data were compiled. We have formed 37 SHGs in the cluster area.